Armored electric heaters

resistenze Sacme was the first Italian company, holder of Calrod General Electric patent, to produce and distribute sheathed electric heaters for residential and industrial applications.
In these 80 years, our company met the requirements for a great number of consumer applications, such as an infinite number of household appliances, as well as more specialized ones, such as petrochemical, marine, power generation, steam production, thus accumulating an experience with few equals.
Currently Sacme can provide sheathed heaters with smooth or finned tube, stainless steel, incoloy, copper, titanium, aluminum, mild steel, with diameters ranging from 6.25 to 25 mm, with lengths up to 8,000 mm and more, with specific thermal loads up to 17 W/cm2 and power supply up to 3.000V.
The resistors can be produced on various types of supports such as flanges, bushes, threaded plugs or built in castings of various materials such as light alloys, brasses; for heating applications the heaters can be provided inclusive of frames of various types and with fans.
In addition to producing according to its own standards, Sacme supply customized products according to specific needs and standards required by State owned and major Companies and provide all necessary assistance for successful implementation.

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